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I just got my 2022 RTL-E two weeks ago. I just had knee surgery, so I’m off work for 3 weeks.

I just filled up the first tank, and the computer told me I averaged 20.9. I thought that was pretty good for 50/50 city/hwy on winter gas E-10.

my last car was a 2018 Acura TLX Sh-AWD. In 4 years it average 29 mpg 80/20 hwy to city,on pure gas (non-ethanol) I was spoiled that there was a gas station that sold premium non-ethanol gas for the same price that the other station sold 91 E-10 gas.

I have an App to track my MPGs. I don’t trust the car computer. My other last car was a 2016 Highlander that got 24 mpg.

I don’t plan on putting 91non ethanol in my new RL, as the price hike is 45 cents more. I did not think the math savings will add up. I use non- ethanol gas in my grandpa’s ‘83 Dodge truck, ‘73 Vette, mower, and all my tools. Corn is so bad for small engines & old engines.
I drive like an old man, so I hope to average 24-25 mpg when I get back to driving 30 miles to work.
I bought my RL as an early retirement gift to drivmy kids to school in the Fall. I love the smooth ride & rear seat leg room. No Taco can compete with that! I had no need for a full size truck as my ‘83 Dodge has an 8” bed.
This is my 4th Honda, and last on for a good 10 tens (I hope!)

I love everything about my RL. I really enjoy reading up on the RL on this site!
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