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On my 2021 RTL-E, almost all highway, econ on, 72 to 77 MPH, I am getting 21.5 at best. I am a smooth driver, no rapid starts/stops. I am also disappointed.
Lots and lots of factors, but wind drag, and then tires are up there on the list. I have a new 2022 Sport, and the Michelin Defender tires look a little aggressive. I'm getting 20 average on back roads with some 4-way stops. Highway I think I got 25 on the way home from the dealership. With my 2019 Accord it averaged about 33 or 34 when I first got it, but then after about 35,000 miles it shot up to 37.5 average and even got 45 mpg once on a 200 mile trip to Northern Michigan. So it was either the engine, or tires breaking in, or both. And was summertime. I also put a few bottles of Techron in the tank every 5000 miles. Maybe that helped keep the injectors clean.

But the Ridgeline is a guzzler in comparison. Just a much thirstier engine, heavier vehicle, and not near as aerodynamic. I miss the MPG's on the Accord. But I don't miss feeling stiff when getting out of the Accord.

Give it time for everything to break in. And if anyone has experience with different tires that increase or decrease MPG's I'd like to hear about it. I don't need aggressive tread tires here in Southern Michigan. But they are all-season tires, the Michelins, so I don't know how much of a difference other tires would make. Also I think Econ mode doesn't do much. Driving it easy is the same thing really.
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