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My Ridgeline is in the body shop getting some hail damage fixed. I got the Silverado as a loaner during the repair. It only had 48 miles on it, I thought it would be a good to try something different and be able to do truck like things during the repair despite some out of pocket cost for the upgrade.

The engine 2.7T has a rating of 310 HP and 420 ft/pds of torque and is mated to an 8-spd auto tranny. The turbo brings on most of the torque at 1500 RPM and remains flat up to over 4000 RPM. This provides a very different driving experience from the RL. Mainly, it can bin your ears back when taking off. I needed to get out into traffic shortly after I picked it up and was very surprised how easy it was to break the rear wheels loose. Now I put it in Auto 4WD in such situations. Also, It doesn't need to downshift when driving through the hilly country. Climbs that would require the RL to exceed 4000 RPM to maintain speed are done under 2000 RPM in this vehicle. It gets most of its work done well below 2000 rpm and gets a bit over 20 mpg on long drives in the country and over 18 around town.

I would not want to trade my RL for this truck however. I don't really trust GM to make a turbo engine that will be trouble free for 250,000 miles. The truck is way to big for my needs and is not easy to navigate in tight quarters or park in typical lots. While the torque is nice, I'm sure the RL would beat it in a drag race as the 310 HP in a truck as large as this Silverado is not a lot.

What I did want to share is how well Turbo boosting can work in a truck engine, wish Honda would make a well designed turbo for the RL. It would be great for towing, while I'm sure higher revs are not a problem for the current Honda engine, I do find the lower rpm operation to be more relaxing.
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