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2700 Mile Trip- Towing AllThe Way

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Towed a 7x12 v-nosed box trailer last week to an event. A total of 2700 miles. I was very pleased with how the the truck handled pulling the trailer. No power issues at all. PA. to MO. and back. Up some steep hills. I think the worst was a 7% grade. And there were several. Especially through W. VA., and western Maryland. MPG fluctuated from a low of 13, to a few tanks of 17+ on the flats of Ohio, and Indiana. Overall I'd say right about at 14. Braking was no problem either. The Tekonsha Brake Controller worked flawlessly. Trailer and load weighed around 3,000 lbs.. This truck is a good choice for towing. :wink: Tom
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What package do you have
Are you assuming the OP's gender? :grin:
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No I have a sport with and I was wondering if it was a sport black edition or what
RTL-E. Great truck. :wink: Tom
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