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3 full sized spare and 1 OEM spare for sale

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I have purchased some 06 OEM RTL/RTS wheels

The basic tire (Michelin) sells for $140 on the internet and the rims sell for about $125 on ebay and $375 at the dealer. I will sell the 3 remaining ones for $175 apiece plus whatever it cost to ship them to you via UPS.

I will take $40. plus whatever shipping cost for the original spare tire.

For those that want to know - the full sized spare leaves about a 1/2 inch of clearance from the top of the tire to the top of the tray area. It does not stick out over the pull out tray. The jack fits in the right of the trunk it is curved to match the curve in the upper right of the trunk. The H logo in the center of the wheel has to be removed to fasten the tire to the tray.
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Sent you a PM. I'm going to be in Arkansas coming up and have been looking for a full size spare :)
Full sized spare still available? Let me know.
A ha! You must have new wheels. Lets see em. Im getting next week. Have been looking forward anxiously. Welcome & enjoy.
If anyone has a full size spare here in CT or nearby MASS, let me know. I am interested, for the right price and I will pick up. :)
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