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The 12volt outlet in the forward console failed in my 2020 Touring RL.
The current was there, & it refilled the wheelbarrow tire with the connection, but when I removed it, the connector pulled out.
Unfortunately when I pulled the 12 volt connector out, the connector came out from the housing.
3 trips to the dealer replaced each part. Failure.

1st warranty trip cost me breakfast at A&W for $10.00
2nd warranty trip cost me $8.00 @ Starbucks.
3rd trip cost me $6.00 at StarBucks.

At home when the wheelbarrow went flat again, a week later, I plugged into 12 volt outlet that the dealer just repaired under warranty.
When the tire was refilled I unplugged the 12 volt insert & the whole unit came out again, just like the 1st time.
Not Performance!

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Can you just push a plastic trim tool against the trim ring holding the socket flush, and then pull out the 12v connector from the socket? That should keep the outlet from pulling forward.
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