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8" display issue with audio source menu

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When audio display (vs phone or nav) is selected, only the "source menu" will show.
I can not get it to go back to the "tuner menu". I can still change FM channels
and source on my steering controls but the display will not reset.

I assume I need to reboot the display.
Has anyone had the same issue and solved it?

I assume it's like the 2016 Civic.
1) Press and hold "audio" button upper left until reboot option appears.
2) Put vehicle in accessory mode, open hood, remove fuse, and replace.
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Settings > Audio > Audio Source Pop Up > turn it off
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thanks....I'll make that change

So many I know what that setting means.

I cleared it today by holding the "FM" source button on the display.

I don't know why that didn't work yesterday
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