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A/C is not working

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We were going up the mountains so I turned the A/C off but left the fan on. Later that night, after we were down from the mountains, I turned the A/C back on but now there's no cold air. I tried switching the climate control to auto and still no cold air. I turned it from 70, 65, and to 60 and no change in air temperature, it blows slightly cool air than ambient but not cold.

Thoughts? Maybe time for service to check it?

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Might want to post this in the G1 forum.
Have the pressures checked and go from there. Nothing I can think of that would cause your situation besides low freon..
Might want to post this in the G1 forum.
I had a G1 a few years ago. I'm going to take it in to the dealership as the issue is persistent.
I thought I was leaking oil up front by the driver side tire. Brought it to the dealer today, and they said the receiver/dryer was leaking and they need to replace the condenser. My A/C was still working though.
I finally took the truck in this week and they cannot locate the issue. It even became an argument, where the dealership is saying the operation is normal and even trying to explain the complexity of the A/C system.

I explained that I've had the truck since August, and have always had the A/C set at 67 and fan at one bar and it's usually plenty cold. Since my trip to Big Bear, it's never operated normally, I'm always having to set the dial to 60 with fan at almost full blast to get cold air, then having to leave the dial below 65 to maintain A/C. Last week, ambient air was between 50/60, the dial was already set at 65 from the previous day. When I started the truck up and it was blowing warm, 90 degree+ air for a few minutes and was not cooling down, and once again, I had to turn the dial down to 60 to get cool air.

The dealership would not believe me, even while the underwriter was sitting in my truck for the demo. I advised them to go into another Ridgeline on the lot, set the air at 67, I can guarantee a night and day difference. They suggested they can check it again and do the comparison when I take the truck back another time since they don't have time yesterday.
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