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Lets say I need to replace the high pressure hose from the compressed to the condenser.
Its a part like this:
4Seasons/Everco A/C Hose Assembly 55261 - Read Reviews on 4Seasons/Everco #55261
(other places have it quite bit cheaper)

1) I'm not sure what the manifold is like on the back of the compressor. It looks like both high and low sides have their own mounting bolt. So is it possible to get the high side off without messing with the low side (and oring)?

2) How do I get to this? Does the radiator have to come out? front grill? etc? how difficult?

3) Does the compressor have to be loosened from the engine?

4) Where is the desiccant bag located if I want to swap it out.


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Have you tried the Search function. Not many posts IIRC about AC work, maybe no one has attempted it.

Do you have a copy of the FSM? I can dig thru mine when I have more time.
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