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A few questions regarding my New RTL

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Hello everyone

My wife and I are officially Ridgeline RTL (Amazon Green) owners as of Sunday. We weren't interested in getting leather, but they dealer didn't have any RTS's in green, so he made us an offer....

We eventually settled on $450 over invoice for the RTL, with running boards and hitch/electric parts added on. Very happy.

My wife went to pick up the accessories at the dealer a couple days later, and the parts guy said he's never heard of any installing their own accessories..... ;)

I do have a few questions about the truck:
1. Next to the rear power outlet are 2 hooks....any use for them?
2. The salesman said that the manual came with 2 small square plastic pieces with tabs. They are the same color as the exterior paint...does anyone know where they go, or are they just to show the truck color?
3. When my wife picked up the accessories, the financial paperwork guy told her that we could resign at a lower interest rate (4.8% instead of 4.99%). I have no idea why they would offer to lower the interest rate, but I went back in to sign the new paperwork (only $2 less per month). Any idea why they would do that???

Thanks, and I enjoy learning what everyone thinks about their trucks!! I'll have to really research the how-to for the installations.
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The square tabs are taken out so you could install the liscense plate holder.

The hooks are for holding bags.
Wohoo!!! 2 posts by two folks who live in the same town where the RL was designed!!!

Congrats on the purchase! Love the green. Honda does a nice job w/ their paint colors (Silver is their best one...)

1) Hooks - I assume they are for hanging cords on them - I used them on a long trip for garbage bags (WallyMart type plastic bags hang nicely there) - they could also be used for hanging headphones.

2) 2 tabs are (I think) from the bumper where the front license plate is attached (manditory for OH)

3)We had a similar occurance, but ours went from 4.99% to 4.59% - it does seem strange.

Here's the link for the How-To guides: Click Here

curious - where did you end up buying yours?

Here's to waving at you going down the road!

- ridgeln
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I use the hooks to hang a ball cap on. I usually will throw one on in the afternoon to protect myself from the sun.
Another smart Ohioan. YeeHaw!!
Congratulations and welcome to the ROC family.
We're glad you're here. Enjoy the ride folks!! :p
Green is as they would say today da shizzle..I mean a great selection. I am very glad that I chose it as well. The hooks were a mystery to me at first but are great for those long trip snack bags. I can even reach down into them when driving and snag the snacks right out from under the kids noses!
I didn't get the tabs but we have front plates here in NJ.
I waited along with you and got my RTL moonroof Navi for invoice and 4.90 %, right in the middle of yours.
I think the dealer must have run the numbers and they are unable to lie about the rate. When the rate came back at the lower % they probably had to tell you. Did the original paperwork with the higher % have all the details of the financing? If not I would suspect that is the reason. If so, enjoy the two bucks a month anyway and forget about it.

Again congrats!
ridgeln said:
curious - where did you end up buying yours?

Here's to waving at you going down the road!

- ridgeln
It would have been nice to get it at the new Marysville dealership, but they didn't have any green trucks, and didn't seem to want to try to get me one. I would usually stay away from Immke (since they tried to give me only $500 for my 94 Accord EX....), but Roush was closed on Sunday and Monday... and when your wife gives you the green light on the purchase, those two extra days would feel like an eternity...

Everyone, thanks for the welcome....glad to be here!
Welcome aboard and great color choice. :D
The hooks are for plastic grocery bags so your stuff doesn't roll around all over the floor or seat before you get home with your pruchases. Now who but Honda would have thought of that?!?

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