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A Great Product

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I have an '06 Black RTS with cloth seats and until recently I had a food stain on the driver's side front seat. I tried a number of products that I had had luck with over the years, but nothing would touch it. I even took it to a detail shop and their products didn't work either. Anyway, I recently purchased Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Carpet/Upholstery Stain Extractor. I sprayed it on the stain, let it set for about a minute, then wiped the area with a clean, dry wash cloth and the stain is completely gone. I have tried several of their other products and all of them are top quality. I am not affiliated with Chemical Guys in any way other than a customer. They have number of demo videos on youtube.
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Good to know. I've had a stain on my right front passenger seat for a long time that I've never bothered to try and remove. I think a kid dropped a french fry and sat on it or something. I might give this a shot if any of my other cleaners fail to touch it.
They usually have a booth at NHRA Event » 52nd annual Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals, I'll check it out there.
Thanks for the share @weatherman - It's really hard to battle these stains when you have kids :) - Will definitely try it out. Cheers!
Thanks for the tip. I just purchased an 07 Ridgeline RTX. I used Turtle Wax Upholstery cleaner which worked well on some spots but not on others; had to repeat the application twice. I am going to give the Chemical Guys product a try.
Just spent the day detailing the wifes 2016 CRV. Im kind of glad I dont have to spend to much time detailing my old "06" RL. Im not going to get much more for the shape shes in spending so much time doing it. Its in VERY good shape but there just comes a time when its over its over, im not going to get any more for it when time comes to sell no matter what she looks like. Shes the first Gen and times are changing. I have never owned a vehicle this long but will keep her around as long as I can. Chev ZR2 or RL....... :grin:
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