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A Towing No NO!

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A Towing NO NO!

I searched the threads a bit and I didn't find this so I'll pass it on. If you saw it..I apologize for my redundancy..if you didn't, here you go!

The 2006 Ridgeline is not designed to be towed behind a motor home (flat tow). Convey this information to help prevent improper towing practices that could result in severe damage to the vehicle. (Refer to the "Emergency Towing" section in the Owner's Manual for additional information.)

For information about proper towing procedures for all Honda vehicles, log onto Owner Link ( using a generic account without a VIN.

Click on My Vehicle.
Click on Vehicle Operation Tips.
Click on Operating Your Vehicle.
Click on Towing Your Honda.
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If the Ridgeline needs to be towed, Doesnt' it need to be placed on a flat bed truck? I don't think it can be towed with 2 wheels in the air?? At least it's that way with the Element. I assume the Ridgline would be the same.
I have my truck registered on the Owners Link. I remember reading there when it first came out all the warnings you mentioned but in the small print at the bottom it said this is because Honda has not verified one way or the other it can be towed. Looking again now, using the same steps there's no mention of towing at all. Not sure what to think of that.
That's odd! Maybe as more people read this...we'll find out some more information. Not that I have plans to tow it but someone else might.
I am sure that there is much speculation as to the performance of the 'Line due to the fact that it has no history in the "real" world. I guess time will tell and to be quite honest, I don't mind being a guinnie pig for a truck that brings me so much joy!
Yeah, I think if it ever requires towing. I will specify to use a flat bed. It should be the same as the Element. You can't go wrong with that. You could go very wrong the other ways.
ITs in the owners manual that said it should be only towed using a flat bed.
As with every other full time 4WD vehicle it can only be towed on a flat bed. Make sure you tell that to AAA before they send a truck. Speaking from past experience. Nothing sucks more than breaking down, waiting an hour for the tow truck, then waiting another hour for the flat bed. ;)
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