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Accuator Issus

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I am here to see if anyone else has had issues with their door lock accuator. My first issue occurred 14 months ago when I pulled up to work and found that I could not exit my vehicle. The driver's side lock was stuck in the down/lock position and COULD NOT be lifted/unlocked. The only way I was able to get out of the vehicle was to double tap the remote and quickly open the passenger door to exit from that side. At the dealership I was told that my accuator had gone out. They ordered the part, I paid the bill (of a couple of hundred dollars) and I went on my way.

Fast forward 14 months, and... As I was driving home from a weekend away, I stopped to get gas. As I got back on the highway I heard a whistling sound and tried to pull the door shut. The door pull on the inside separated from the door (geeze, I had forgotten about how I had to take the vehicle back after the prior fix, was this going to be a problem again...? racing through my head) but the whistling continued. I tried to do a quick open and shut, however, with this the door would not remain closed... I pulled off the highway, I was able to slam the door shut to effect, however, now the door lock locked and back to the problem of 14 months prior.

I took the vehicle to the dealer and was told that the door latch had now gone out and that the latch had caused the accuator to fail. The accuator was warrantied for 12 months and I would have to pay for another one... A Honda part that is used every time the vehicle is used has a one year warrantee and now I am expected to come out of pocket for another one. I had serious enough concern with this situation to call to American Honda. They responded that even if the part had not been outside of warrantee, the relationship to the door lock would mean that I was coming out of pocket... I have a hard time with a onetime issue leading to the failure of a 14 month old piece of equipment. I am not saying that it is not possible, I am simply saying that it should not be possible.

I am new to this site and joined specifically because my accuator has "gone out" twice in 14 months! This is a huge disappointment as I have felt that Honda is the last bastion of quality at a reasonable price (no offence to the Toyota clique) and now I am having to reassess that position...

ANYONE ELSE???? (in researching I found that there have been class action suits for other Honda vehicles with a similar problem...)
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(best to post in just one place... it will get seen no matter where you put it)

Welcome aboard. Having a single part fail is just part of what you get ... a certain number of all components are going to fail. Having the first new replacement you get fail as well, is usually just bad luck (unless you bought a part of questionable pedigree, which I'll assume you did not).
So while it does suck..... it's also something that can happen, and I wouldn't read too much into it. Now if you had 3 bad parts, then something is seriously amiss!

EDIT: I just read what I skipped over before & see that the failure of your new part was a secondary failure.... still equates to bad luck. This is something you just have to deal with. Try to just look at it like the part that actually failed the second time (& took your new part with it) just cost more to replace.... if that were the case, you'd just pay the piper & put in the new part. In this case, it's pay the piper & put in the new 2 parts.

Try to work up a reluctant acceptance & move on, is what I'd suggest.

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