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A couple of question I have if anyone knows...Since the acoustic windshield is new to Honda, I would assume we have to take it to the dealer to replace it? Does your insurance cover replacement based on a $100 deductible even if it's repaired at a Honda dealership? Would Safelite have the ability in the future to replace the acoustic windshield once more replacement parts are available?
Safelite would be able to replace it. They just have to order it from Honda, due to it being new. I was getting a cracked windshield replaced for our '13 Avalon and spoke with the manager at Safelite about the Honda RL windshield. She looked it up and said that it was currently only available from Honda; however, was certain that it would be available within 6-12 months. Until then, the insurance would have to cover the cost of the OE (at least your fine print....). I just casually asked about what an OE for the Avalon would be, as my insurance states specifically that if aftermarket meeting spec is available, that I would have to pay the difference if I went OE, and she looked it up...said $900 out of pocket to me!:surprise: She also said that aftermarket was actually matching the 'acoustic' windshields for other vehicles and customers on high end M-B's, etc., had not made any complaints when they replaced OE with aftermarket. Our Avalon supposedly had a noise insulating windshield from the factory. Haven't noticed a difference with the OE, and neither has the wife.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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