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I don't know how to post a link but googling "2017 Honda Ridgeline press kit" leads you to a wealth of technical info on our trucks. The glass info is interesting. Honda makes no claim that the acoustic windshield is stronger. It does say the laminate layer in the acoustic windshield is "acoustic PVB" while the plain windshield is "regular PVB". There's info on all the glass and comparisons to the gen 1 glass except windshield.

Gen 2 acoustic windshield: Outer 2.0mm safety
Laminate .7mm acoustic PVB
inner 1.8mm safety

Gen 2 standard windshield: Outer 2.0mm safety
Laminate .7mm PVB
inner 2.0mm safety

Gen 2 side windows 5.0mm safety
Gen 1 side windows 3.1mm safety

Gen 2 rear glass 4.0mm safety
Gen 1 rear glass 3.1mm safety
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