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I went through more replacement windshields in my first-generation Ridgelines than all my other vehicles combined!

When the rear, sliding glass in my 2007 spontaneously exploded without external cause, Honda wouldn't fix it under warranty placing the burden on me and my insurance company. State Farm paid for the very expensive repair to dismantle much of the interior in order to replace the enter rear window assembly (at the time, the center portion wasn't available separately).

By the time I bought my 2010, aftermarket windshields were available. State Farm only pays for aftermarket, so I had to pay an extra $250 out of pocket for a Honda-branded windshield.

I'm hoping my 2017 Ridgline "breaks" the trend of frequent, broken glass.

All 2016 Civic have "acoustic" windshields. There was no aftermarket glass available. My brother had to wait several weeks for a replacement windshield after a rock cracked his. State Farm paid for the OEM glass in this case.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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