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A quick break down of price from my paperwork:

Vehicle: $41,040.00
Document processing charge: $85.00
Sale tax: $4,215.31
Electronic vehicle registration $30.00

The followings are TAX to CA:
Vehicle license fees: $267.99
Registration fee: $300
CA tire fee: $8.75

We suck over here in CA - they tax us on EVERYTHING. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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2020 Sport in dark gray. CPO with about 23k on the clock. Price was about 33,7 and out the door was 36,8 with title, taxes and fees. Trade in value on my car, 2016 Avalon was up about 4-5k over last year which made up a good portion of the inflated prices that the dealer was charging. They did tell me that they could get more for the truck than what they were charging me (showed a price of 37 selling it to carmax) but I got it for the listed 33.7 price.

21 RTL Silver
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Trim Level RTL
Portland Oregon
Trade-in Involved no
Ordered gray/silver in Feb 2021
June 2021 gray/silver HPV showed up - rejected
Ordered gray/silver in June 2021
October 2021 received desired vehicle

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2022 RTL-E Obsidian Blue Pearl
Purchased 11/18/2021 from Mathews Honda Marion, Marion, Ohio
Cash Purchase, no trade-in, no financing.

Vehicle: $43,945 ($100 off MSRP)
Doc Fee: $250
Taxable Amount: $44,195
Sales Tax: $2,872.68 ($44,195 X 6.5% Lorain County, Ohio)
Title Fee: $15
Temp Tag: $20

Grand Total: $47,102.68

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Purchase Date: 10/15/21
2021 RTL-E Modern Steel:
Purchase Price: MSRP $43,645
Doc Fee, Temp Tag, etc.: 295
Total Cost: $43,940

Trade-In: 2017 RTL-E 73,500 miles $26,000

  • No additional markup, fluff packages, or service plans.
  • Lifetime drivetrain warranty included at no charge (FWIW)
  • I live in TX and purchased this in OH. (Zanesville Honda).
  • I will pay Sales Tax on difference between Trade and New when I register it in TX. Approximately $1.200.
  • Vehicle was about $6000- $7000 better than the best deal I found in the San Antonio TX area!
  • Trade-in was $1000 less than Carmax offer, but better deal, due to trade-in tax advantage.
I’m also in the San Antonio area. Can you tell me more about how you found the deal in OH? How did you do the trade of vehicles, drive up there? I’m not a huge fan of the dealerships here in San Antonio.

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Got a quote for a 2022 Black Edition. They are adding BS accessory packages to the vehicle which I absolutely don't want but it is non negotiable. On top of that they are adding a dealer DOC fee of $799. So they are offering MSRP + the packages + their inflated dealer DOC fees.

Is this what everyone else is seeing across the US?

Market Value Selling Price 45,545.00

Pro Pack: All Weather Mats and Mud Guards 599.00
Wheel Locks and Nitrogen 299.00
ELOGPS: Maintenance Reminder, Theft
Recovery, Service Asset 599.00

Total Purchase 47,042.00
Taxable Fees (Estimated) 104.50
Trade Allowance
Trade Difference
Dealer Fee 799.00
Tax 2,926.73
Non Tax Fees 330.85
Trade Payoff
Cash Deposit .00
Balance 51,024.23

2021 RTL-E
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Purchased 10/18/2021

2021 RTL-E in Platinum White
(MSRP) 44,040 + 1500 markup + 395 doc fee
No tax in NH where I registered it.

Danvers, MA

Didn't really care about the 1500 because I sold my 2019 for 3k more than I paid after driving 40k miles. Woke up, found it, and brought it home same day. Sold my 2019 to carmax the next day.
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