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I really hate the position of the stock AUX input on my 2010 Ridgeline, so i decided to add a second one to the blank spot between the seat heater switches. I used the iSimple IS335 Dash Mountable Auxiliary Input Adapter ($11.83 on Amazon) and spliced it into the primary AUX input on the passenger side.

Rough steps are as follows...

1) Remove glove box
2) Drill 3/8" hole in blank between seat heater switches.
3) Cut 3.5mm plug off of the IS335.
4) Fish wire from newly created 3/8" hole to glove box using a wire hanger.
5) Remove green wiring harness from passenger side AUX adapter.
6) Splice IS335 wires into original AUX wiring harness (I stripped about 1/2" of wire off of the middle of the AUX adapter wires and soldered away). Splices are as follows...

Red IS335 wire -> Brown AUX adapter harness wire
White IS335 wire -> White AUX adapter harness wire
Bare Copper IS335 wire -> Red AUX adapter harness wire

7) For the new port to work, you will need to splice the Yellow and Blue wires on the AUX adapter together (the Yellow wire looks White in the picture unfortunately). These are AUX sense wires and must be connected for the head unit to think that a 3.5mm jack is plugged in. I just cut these two off of the green AUX wiring harness, stripped about 1/2" of insulation, twisted them together, and soldered.

Both ports work like a charm and I don't need to lean over to the passenger side to plug in my iPhone now. :act035:

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Great thinking! The dash shelf is ok because you can rest a player there..but that is the only advantage. There are a dozen other places you can keep your media player while making the connection easy to access for driver or passenger.
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