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adding homelink to RTS?

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Does anyone know if this can be done easily? It seems like the light modules in RTL vs RTS should be same size, and there is probably a power source already there, but the dealers seem clueless (surprise).
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I just checked out the Homelink website about adding Homelink to a vehicle not equipped from the factory and here is what they say.

MITO brings HomeLink availability to most any vehicle

Want to add HomeLink to a vehicle not on our list? Then check out the MITO Corporation Web site.

MITO offers three different self-dimming mirror options with HomeLink (see list below). Your favorite automotive dealer can order and install the product for you.

After installation and programming, opening your access gate, closing your garage door, or switching on security lighting is as simple as touching your rearview mirror.

Other features are listed below. For more information or to find a dealer near you, contact MITO Corporation at 1-800-433-6486 or visit their Web site.

MITO offers three options of the self-dimming mirror with HomeLink:

Self-dimming mirror for enhanced nighttime safety with HomeLink Wireless Control System for added convenience, efficiency, and security
Self-dimming mirror with HomeLink, PathPoint® auto-calibrating digital electronic compass, and outside temperature display
Self-dimming mirror with HomeLink, PathPoint compass, temperature readout, and map lights
Mito website is and Homelink is
I talked to Mito and they offer 4 different models but you can't buy direct.

I did get a couple of quotes from local dealers.

I can get the 50-GENK40 for $259 installed or the 50-GENK50 for $399 installed.

These are both Auto-dimming Homelink mirrors the latter also has temp gauge and compass.
All you would need to do to add Homelink to your RTS is to purchase the overhead console from an RTL as Homelink is fully contained within that unit.
RTL swap is what I am after, and that seems like the easiest / cleanest way to go, but the dealer seems clueless, and I have not seen that part on h&a or other vendor. I am not really interested in changing the mirror. I would probably even be happy with some sort of clip-on module that only has the buttons (battery powered).

Any one know of a source for the part?
I was actually looking for a clip on product for you earlier. My 2 garage doors came with 3 button remotes. I have one button to do one door and another to do the other door (one not used). You might just check with your garage door opener manufacturer and see if they have a 3 button remote available.
Friendly neighbourhood auto wreckers.........

The bigger and more reputable ones have access to nation-wide database of late model parts.

Try this link, as well.
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