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I'm hoping someone else has run into this, I can't think I'm the only one.

So I bought brand new Honda Side Steps for my Ridgeline 1 week after I got it...actually it was part of the package when I signed the papers. Black finish steps, really nice.

Had them 1 1/2 years and the paint is peeling on even with the hose on low pressure when I'm washing it. American Honda won't back it and offer a replacement or a fix, which is rotten.

So...I need to get something on these so they don't pit out with the winter salt/chemicals.

Local dealer quoted me $300 to $400 to paint them with a liner-like material. At that I'm about $200 shy of brand new boards.

Any suggestions for a possible DIY fix? I think Plasti-Dip is out since it would likely peel and not stand up to the elements/conditions.

Before I do anything they need to be sand-blasted.

I'm all ears if anyone can offer some sage advice :)
I thought all Honda dealer installed accessories had a 3-year warranty on them? Pretty sure they do in Canada.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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