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AEM Brute Force Intake

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Anyone have a review or any experience with the AEM Brute Force Intake System on the RL?
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Good Find, I will give it a try, anyone out there have it yet with pictures
not much of a HP gain. How's the intake in proportion to the road elements?
Hitting a big puddle you don't want to hydro lock. Any one mount one up yet?
I installed a system nearly identical to this on my old '97 CR-V from a company called Injen. It affected the computer controller for the CR-V, made the engine run poorly, changed the upshift/downshift points in the transmission. Wasn't worth the time it took to install, unless you know how to tweak the engine control computer to adjust for the different intake.

Honda has designed a pretty efficient intake plenum that will be hard to beat for this engine, again, unless you want to mess with the computer controller for the drivetrain system.
There is a more complete thread on this already under Brute Force Air Intake System.. It will tell you what you are looking for.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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