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After Market accesories

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Hey will somebody please tell me whats up with this Basickoncepts ?
I wanted to buy online the manual tail gate lock but, I don't trust the fact that they won't post a contact telephone number so you can ask questions directly to a Human Being.
Whats up??????
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The guy from there posts here as Swishman. He's been pretty responsive on the forum here, but I generally won't purchase from somewhere without contact number and address either.
I purchased a manual lock from swishman (aka Brian) earlier this week. So far, I've received two emails from him giving me an update on the order status. Yesterday's message was a shipping notice that included a tracking number. I would say that communication is not a problem. I think he is more than aware that squeaky wheels on this board would spread the word pretty darned quickly if he didn't give first class service. As far as I'm concerned he does and I highly recommend him.
Thanks for the info I'll reserve my decision to purchase after you post your story about the timely delivery, and installation = satisfaction
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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