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air bag delete

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Well the title's a bit disingenuous - I had the steering wheel airbag stolen from my 2006 RT which has over 100k miles and I am not terribly thrilled with the prospect of spending $500 for a new one BUT I do need me some of that sweet horn action. Currently there is a big hole where the airbag / horn were but at least the connectors were uncoupled instead of cut.

What is the cheapest option back to some semblance of aesthetic okayness with horn functionality but not replacing the airbag? Is it to get a totally new old style steering wheel and live with the red airbag light on the dash (and presumably lose volume control from the steering wheel in the process) or is there something I can put in the stock steering wheel which will replace the horn - like an airbag delete kit for instance? Or two part foam or embedding a bicycle bell in plaster of paris or what? My google-fu and ebay-fu have failed me thus far.

As an aside - my colleagues were all like "ermahgerd dude you need an airbag" and I was all "this is the first car with an airbag I have ever owned and my daily driver is a motorcycle which does not have this airbag of which you speak, so chill."

tldr; not interested in discussion on relative merits of airbag, just looking to get honking once more, on the cheap if at all possible since truck is not long for this world.
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All I can say is figure which wires is the horn and wire it to a button.
I would add that you're obligated to disclose this to all future buyers. My guess is they won't be as disinterested in this as you are.
lol who steals an air bag?

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lol who steals an air bag?

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Big money in air bag and catalytic converter theft.
Interesting, but I guess someone might sell a cover so it looks normal since my brother has a car with no steering wheel airbag but it looks normal. I believe in order to honk the ground wire touches metal and makes the honking sound.
Or you could do this:
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