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Alarm system adjust

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Had the Honda alarm in the vehicle when I purchased the vehicle The alarm keeps going off .The service department claims that it cannot be adjusted to
be less sensitive??? This cannot be correct
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Which sensor does it indicate is triggering it? The Honda alarm doesn't have an impact or shock sensor, just the glass breakage sensor which shouldn't false alarm like a shock sensor would. I don't see any adjustment on the alarm for the sensor.

It may be an aftermarket alarm as a lot of dealers contract with outside companies to install alarms for them.

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The alarm goes off when a truck or Harley drive by the parked vehicle
I had assumed it was a honda alarm
I assume this thing has a hood pin trigger? If so, I'd check to see if that pin is installed properly and is not loose.
I didn't catch that it was an RTL, sorry, those come from the factory with an alarm. A lot of dealers add aftermarket alarms to those still (my Sisters Odyssey has an add-on that her dealer added on top of the factory one).

I'm not familiar with the features of the stock ridgeline alarm, however so far I haven't encountered a factory alarm from Honda that had any triggers other than doors getting opened. They haven't even put the glass break sensor in their ones on Accords and Odysseys.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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