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Hello All,
Ok I have a confession: I feel like I am a nerd in high school again (graduated in 1987) !:act035: I am all excited about planning out my new upgraded stereo. It all started when I did the Hertz tweeter upgrade yesterday. What an amazing difference in sound! Now because of this inexpensive mod I’m considering a very expensive mod an Alpine INA-W910 with an Alpine front and rear camera system.:act024:

I love what others have done using the factory tail gate camera location but I think the Alpine set up might be too big to be placed in the factory handle:

Here is information from Alpine on the camera I am considering for tail gate:

HCE-C200R MULTI-VIEW REAR CAMERA SYSTEM The black box with RCA output (composite video signal) allows you to connect this Drive Assist Camera to all Alpine monitors. • Ultra wide angle camera with mounting kit • 4 viewing modes: corner view, top view, panorama view, rear view • Includes control switch and black boxs • Camera dimensions: W 23,3mm x H 23,4mm x D 22,6mm • Black-box dimensions: W 100mm x H 50mm x D 25mm • Angle of field: horizontal 138°, vertical 105° • Automatic imaging function: metering and white balance adjustment • Mirror image (NTSC)
Perhaps this one is small enough to fit inside tail gate:

HCE-C105 REVERSING CAMERA The small size makes it very easy to mount. The cable plugs directly into the back of the head unit. High picture quality and wide field of view for safer driving. Automatic imaging function: metering and white balance adjustment, Mirror image (NTSC), Camera dimensions: W 23,3mm x H 23,4mm x D 22,6mm, Black box dimensions: W 100mm x H 50mm x D 25mm, Angle of field: horizontal 138°, vertical 105°.

Another thing that I would like to be able to do is check the cameras while the vehicle is in motion: helpful when trying to get parked in my special shady parking space a work that share with recycling dumpster that moves slightly every week.

Any thoughts are welcome before I spend a couple of grand!
Thanks to all contributors to this forum with all my modifications thus far: Wheels, Tires, LED, maintenance items, and of course mobile electronics.

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The W910 is a really really nice head unit. You'll love it.

As far as the Alpine cameras go, either of the cameras you have pictured there should work in the tailgate as both are the same size, if not the exact same camera. One is packaged as a system, and one is essentially a stand-alone camera. Someone on here installed a Kenwood camera in the tailgate handle and I believe the Kenwood one is bigger than these Alpines.

And as far as being able to view the camera while in motion, this isn't a problem at all. All you have to do is select 'Camera' on the head unit to view, IF you have the video bypassed. If not, then you could simply wire a toggle inline with the reverse wire, that's energized with a positive power signal, that triggers the camera while in motion. This essentially tricks the head unit into thinking your backing up, and therefore would display the camera image on the head unit.

The 910 is the head unit I would have gone with, if I hadn't had something else in mind instead. ;)

Good luck and post pics.
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