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Hi There,
I did some searching and didn't find anything like this, so here goes: I picked up an '06 RTL a few months back and find that the AM reception turns to pure static when it is humid or for up to 24 hours after any rain. The FM is better but I do have some reduction in range. It then seems to clear itself once the humidity goes down or, as noted, about 12-24 hours after rain. The static is worse when moving and gets worse the bumpier the road. It seems like a connection issue and my plan is to first pull out the antenna to see how wet it is, it may just be a bad seal or the like that lets the connector get wet. I'd blame corrosion on the connector if it didn't clear itself up when things dry out but am guessing water gets where I don't want it to be.

I have seen other threads that talk about after market antennas that work better than stock, would it be just as well to just plan on that if I'm already taking it apart for debug? I do plan on checking to see if the reported radio reception service bulletin work has been done on this old beast.

Thanks, Jeff
Couple things could be happening.

Corroded connector (B) shown in the diagram.
Contaminated conductors connecting the antenna traces under the sail panel to connector (B) (I think cable is heat staked to the antenna
Less likely is antenna amp, which is a nightmare to access.

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IMO, it's worth popping the sail panel off and inspecting everything accessible back there. Clean and lube the connectors, reassemble and give it some time.
If the issue persists, then take on the task of installing a roof antenna.

Almost forgot: I've been told the 7 clips holding the sail panel MUST be replaced (per the service manual). Those who have not have have lost the panel @ freeway speeds shortly after removal.
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