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I'm not sure survey is the correct term but Pricilla with Honda called and it took quite a number of calls for her to catch up with me. She did catch me a week ago. She asked all about the Ridgeline, what I liked and what could be improved are added. It was quite a long conversation. My suggestions were about the same as many of you on the forum have stated. The door locks, just little things.

She asked if I had any problems with my Ridgeline and how many miles that I had driven it. At the time it was about 7,600 and now it's 8,995. My problems were the following.

My windshield was cracked at the lower right hand side. Cracked on the inside and not the outside (down where the heating units are) and no leaks . The dealer took note of this and took pictures. I did not want to do anything to the windshield unless it leaked or had some kind of problem. I told this to the dealer as well as Precilla the Honda Representive. My second complaint was a rattle where the viser (when down on rough roads) attached to the clip. Big rattle. The third was a very small rattle ( and only on rough roads) where the console meet the dash (seat heater area). I could fix this.

Pricilla said that she would take care of the probllems and would call me back. I got a message from Pricilla today stating that she had contacted the dealer's service department and everything would be taken care of windshield rattles and all. She was and is aware that I work 7 days a week and average about 180 miles a day on my Ridgeline. I was told to contact the service department and set up a date for repairs. Transportation will be available for me while repairs are being made.

I had not complained to anyone at Honda and realy didn't care to when called. I hope those of you who are shopping around read this. Hond has always backed there cars and this is my sixth one.

Sure beats the high $$$ bills that BMW used to send me. I never did get a call except bring the 530i in for a check up and a big bill.

Long winded but important. Those of you that are thinking about buying a Ridgeline take note.

I'll let you all know how this turns out.

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