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Another 06 blown head gasket

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I have a 06 with 185k . I got rear ended (no vehicle was in front of me )a couple months ago , the next morning started it up to bring it to the body shop got the white smoke cel and vtm-4 lights and was sputtering .My mechanic went through it after I got it back from the body shop . He then ran a compression test and determined it was A head gasket but after reading more possibly a cracked head ? I have read many threads on here about this subject and the first thing I'm going to do tomorrow is call Honda care to see what my options are and what their opinions are before I bring it to the dealer ship . If there is any advice you guys can give me I'd appreciate it and if you guys have any questions about my situation I will try and check back to reply asap
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I'm not a mechanic - but I would ask, how would a rear end collision lead to a head gasket failure without other catastrophic problems?
I tend to think it was coincidental and not a result of the accident.
But then again - I'm not a mechanic, nor the insurance agent.
I would be very curious to know if the mechanic found any spark plugs loose. It's hard to imagine how a rear end collision could cause a HG to go bad, but I wonder if the shock of the collision (which apparently wasn't too bad since it was still drivable) was just enough to trip the loose plug issue or the tranny fitting to the heat exchanger issue.

But white smoke is normally an indicator of coolant in the exhaust... so I dunno.
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