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Hey all. Although I only recently found this forum, I bought my 2012 RL Sport last Fall. I live in MN and have a cabin near the Canadian border and my RWD Silverado WT just wasn't cutting it for year-round usefulness.

So late last summer, I actually started out planning to buy a new F-150 XLT, but the one I test-drove felt so huge and ungainly in most maneuvers that it got me to thinking I'd find a midsize truck more livable. Problem was, a test drive of the Colorado/Canyon didn't impress me, and the new Taco was promising to be as crude as the outgoing generation, so I thought I might have to go with the F-150 after all. But the Ford dealership had this low-mileage RL Sport on the lot, and it didn't take long to realize that this was the truck I was looking for. It hauls and tows enough for my purposes, rides and handles well, and fits in the garage afterwards. And damn, that trunk is so practical.

So here I am, wanting to learn as much as I can about my RL--as well as the upcoming Gen 2. I'll probably be mostly a lurker at first, but am already spending way too much time on here. Thanks in advance for all the great info.
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