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another torque converter post

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I've read several and don't really see my question addressed.

I have the symptom mentioned numerous times here, that being the intermittent vibrations at low speed, level driving with light throttle. The symptom comes with a corresponding slight drop in rpm. seems the torque converter is attempting lockup and failing or immdiately unlocking in a fast recurring cycle. when mine does it, it is rememiscient to a sub woofer hitting a sudden low note.

It seems some think this is just a programming error where the brain is not sufficiently dirrected as to weather it should be locked or unlocked. Some think it is a troque converter failure and have even had the torque converter replaced.

At higher speeds it clearly locks and stays locked.

I wonder what is the actual mechanism used in locking. is it electric? Is it hydro mechanical? does a solenoid open/close a valve? Is Honda acknowledging a class problem?
I know that my 08 with 123k on it won't be under any kind of warranty and the replacement of the torque converter will be a pricey proposition.
with this symptom does the torque converter typically fail completely or does it just stay the way it is?

thanks in advance
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bump please. Anyone with knowledge on the topic?
See if this helps any.
In the end it was corrected by adjusting the exhaust system hangers to eliminate the drone noise that , along with drive train harmonics caused "the perfect storm" that you describe. This corrected my situation and may be totally ineffective in all other cases.
On a side note, I replaced the original OEM Michelins with a new set of the same ones last summer and the noise is starting to come back ever so faintly which proves to me that drive train harmonics do play a role in this least in my case.
bump please. Anyone with knowledge on the topic?
One (or more?) of the guys on here is pretty much expert on torque converters... sorry I don't remember the name (handle). You might want to review prior threads on the subject... you'll know when you read his stuff. He may not be checking the forum currently, but you could PM him to get his attention.
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