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Anyone Want Running Boards on the West Coast?

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I have a set of Dealer installed, Black, Honda, running boards I would like to sell as well.

Nothing wrong with them. The Dealer had installed them prior to my purchasing the truck.

I just am built with legs in-between the height and width of the factory boards. Too short-legged to step over them without wiping my pant leg on them and too long-legged to need them for climbing in or out of the truck. Story of my life. LOL

I am in Southern Oregon. We get a deal on shipping through my Wife's work that we would pass along to you if we had a deal. I'll take the time to remove them if someone wants them. I might even drive to you or a meeting point and pull them there. Whatever works.

Just in case other members are looking for them on the left coast....

Lemme know. Thx. :D
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Maybe... haven't quite decided yet if I want them. There's a new one on the local lot with them installed, so I will check it out and try to decide in the next few days. Got a price in mind?
I'm interested and live in SJ, CA

I'd like to find out how much you are asking and what shipping will be...if you still have them.
Linda/San Jose, CA
650 312-5940 work....
You can send me the info too. [email protected]
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