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The overarching issue is the fact that you bought used.
These costs are why used vehicles are often a poor value vs. buying new.
Buying new would have almost certainly been a better LONG TERM value (total cost / total years of ownership).
Expanding on Bluegrass' point. Nothing too 'scientific' about these numbers, but was curious ...

In the spring of 2018 I purchased what may be the best maintained used black 2013 Ridgeline RTL.
I paid $24476 on the road (tax, title, license incl.).
Between the non standard costs - tb, valves, radiator, and the normal upkeep costs, I will have approximately $4600 total invested since purchase.
Total spent ~$29,000.
KBB Private sale for 2013 RTL, 107,000 miles: $16,000
True cost (including depreciation): $13,000

I bought my 2019 RTL new for $33,000 on the road (TTL included). When I've owned it for 4 years, with your mileage (28,000 miles), maintenance would be something like ~4X oil/filter changes, 1X Rear Diff, Air filter, Cabin Filter. Approx $250 as I do my own maintenance.

Total spent ~$33,250
KBB Private sale for 2017* RTL, 28.000 miles: $31,300
(* used 2017 value to be more conservative, reflecting a 4-5 year old vehicle)
True cost (including depreciation): $2,000

So even these very rough figures show Bluegrass is right - cheaper in the long run buying a new car! Covid has skewed the benefit even further in favor of new, but even in normal times there is more value in new if you buy at the right price.

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Did your new 2019 RTL have sliding rear window, nav, Bluetooth, tow pkg, etc etc.
Yes to Sliding window, Bluetooth and Tow Package, but no to Nav (although I added an aftermarket unit so it does now).
17BE. Was your new 2019 rtl AWD too?

I was really only posting to re-enforce Bluegrass' point that buying used has a lower cost originally, but the costs catch up over time with maintenance and then resale.

Some of it comes down to timing - I usually buy my car/trucks as 'last of generation' new when a new model has launched and then keep for ~8-10 years. So, my 2011 Pilot (bought when the 2012 refresh had been released) and 2019 RTL (bought when the 2020 refresh had been released) were both heavily discounted and both cheap to maintain over ~100,000 miles.

There are though, advantages to buying used. The Gen 1 Ridgeline is far more 'unique' and seems to have a more spacious interior in the front.
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