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Yes, free tires for life is a great perk, the dealer hasn't offered it in a while. They remind me of that fact when they have to give me free tires. The current tires are Hankook DynaPro HT's. They refunded the extended warranty specifically because I never used it. That's how those things work (or used to), if no claims are filed against the extended warranty then you can get your money back... but you have to take your original paperwork to the dealer, talk to management, and specifically ask for the refund, it was $1,600.
The timing belt was replaced at one of the service appointments (e.g. at x miles or y years replace ...). Not sure how long it's been though, I'll have to check.
Didn't consider changing the radiator, I wasn't aware that could be a problem.
SMOD... do you mean the band??
Seach SMOD on this forum and have long read. Your Pennsylvania 2007 is a SMOD failure waiting to happen.
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