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I don't see very much activity in the Arizona section, (or any section due to Covid) so I'm posting this to gauge interest in a meetup somewhere; a large parking lot, or even someone's home if they have space for a lot of vehicles. Sedona has some great backdrops. I could do Flag or Prescott too as they're all within an hour's drive.

I live in the Cottonwood/Sedona area and I hardly ever see another Ridgeline around here and thought it would be fun just meeting other people that own one, walking around and looking at mods other people have done, stuff like that. All generations and years.

I used to own an FJ Cruiser and I kinda miss that car club atmosphere and camaraderie.
These days it's obviously much harder to have a group event, but as long as we all wear masks I don't see a problem.
My Ridge is only a couple of months old so I don't want to do any real off-roading in it yet, if ever. I have dirtbikes for that. Although, if someone knew of a trail that was super easy (no pin-striping) and didn't require AWD then that would be a possibility. I have AWD but not everyone does and I wouldn't want to exclude those folks from having fun and doing a group gettogether.

Anyway, the weather here in Northern Arizona has obviously been pretty dismal lately but we could plan for something in the Spring?

Just something to think about.... Ed

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