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Atlanta - I'm willing to host a meet

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Anyone around the Atlanta area out there?
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I'm actually in Woodstock GA.
We live in Central VA but the wife telecommutes to Atlanta and she travels there often. Might be a possibility if we could tack this onto one of her trips. Keep us informed.
I live in Alpharetta, and am looking to get a Ridgeline in the next 2-3 months. Where did you get yours and did you like the way you were treated.?

Also, since you live in Atlanta, what kind of gas milage are you getting?

Live near Knoxville and Atlanta is 3 hours away; depending on schedules we would be up for the road trip. Keep us posted and thank you for the offer.
I'm just north of Alpharetta too. Sounds like a plan.
Lawrenceville, and work in gainesville. get pretty good milage through I-985. keep in touch

stormbringer said:
I live in Alpharetta, and am looking to get a Ridgeline in the next 2-3 months. Where did you get yours and did you like the way you were treated.?

Also, since you live in Atlanta, what kind of gas milage are you getting?

I got mine exactly 3 months back at Milton Martin in Gainsville through their Internet sales guy, Gary. At the time, it was worth the call and beat 6 other local area dealers by $1500. Getting about 18mpg avg.
We're in Woodstock, too. Where? When? The weather's getting perfect, so let's do this soon.
Who's available this Sunday 2 PM in Helen GA?
This weekend is full up for me, so I can't be there, but I expect lots of pictures if y'all meet up! :)

If you decide to go to Helen, y'know on weekends the traffic this time of year sucks near town since Oktoberfest has started. There are lots of spots in the area that might avoid the traffic, though, especially if everyone is going up from the south.

Is there somewhere suitable to meet around Dahlonega? I haven't been there on the weekend in a long time.
No replies so far, so how about Sun Oct 9th? Open to meeting in Dahlonega, we can even do a group drive up to Helen from there.
The social director has reminded me that we have a wedding to attend on the 9th.:rolleyes:

I looked on the Dahlonega Chamber of Commerce webside and do not see any major events scheduled on the weekend of the 9th, so that looks like a good time to go. Alas, I hear that Curly's Pizza, one of my motivations for suggesting Dahlonega, is gone. But the it should still be fun to mingle, wander, cruise the square, etc.

A big Ridgeline convoy sounds like fun!
What time is the wedding, we can work around it! Or do Sat 8th
The wedding is at 2:00, so that takes up the whole day practically, but the 8th looks good. I just spoke to the social director.

I hope that's okay with the rest of y'all!

Any suggestions where and when to meet up? And exactly where to end up? I have a friend up that way I can call and see what he suggests.
Here are a few suggestions. I hope they help you along with your plans.

1. Frogtown Cellars Breweries
2. Three Sisters Vineyard
3. Dahlonega Courthouse Gold Museum
4. Nicklaus Golf Club at Birch River
5. Gold City Corral
6. Nature's Haven, A Country Day Spa
7. Three Sisters Vineyards & Winery
8. Chattahoochee Backcountry Treks
9. Littlefield Cottage Healing Arts...
10. Crisson's Mine
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Some nice ideas, there. I'd planned to check Frogtown and Three Sisters out sometime.
I have created a new Yahoo email group that can be used to promote localized activities and discussions related to the Honda Ridgeline in the Atlanta area and northern Georgia area.

Anyone is welcome to join in, however the intent is to use it for local Atlanta area topics that don't really pertain to the general Ridgeline population.

We can use this for anything we want to. I suggest we use it to coordinate local events so we keep that noise off of the ROC site. Since many of us get email continuously, it seems more appropriate for getting fast answers.

I don't intend this yahoo email reflector to be considered a splinter group from the ROC community. I just think that we should still consider the ROC as the anchor for RL information exchange, and we should try to keep localized chatter in a regional place. I suggest that others take my lead and create other yahoo email groups in other major metro areas to further organize the localized chatter. If you do, consider naming the group with "ridgeline_" as a prefix to allow them to be all sorted together in yahoo listings.

The Yahoo group name is: ridgeline_atlanta

To Join, go to this link:
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