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If I buy a Ridgeline
Should I buy it in Dallas, Texas and drive to Atlanta
Or should I wait till I move to Atlanta, Ga to buy it.

Which state would have the best (lowest) taxes??



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I bought mine in the Dallas area and I think the sales tax WOULD HAVE BEEN 8%. I did not pay theirs since I am from New Mexico. Ours is only 3 percent.

If you want a super deal on a Ridgeline tho, go to and look for the internet manager. His first initial is S. I don't think we are allowed to say names so won't say anymore but if you need more info email me off group ([email protected]) and I will give you all the info. They treated me great and a super price - $500 over factory invoice - and no add ons at all but then mine was just off the transport. They usually put a "pro" package on - rear mud flaps, locking nuts, etc. I saved over $2,700 on my RTL w/moonroof.

Just call the MVD and ask them - its usually the same state wide as it is state controlled.

Mine was the one that got hailed on in Amarillo so that hurt but just got back from a 2,400 mile trip from Taos to Salt Lake to Eastern Montana and back to Taos through Denver. It was over 95 the whole way and lots of it was at 100 degrees. The truck ran great but when you drive F-A-S-T gas mileage sucks big time :eek:

Hope this helps.

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Sales tax in Texas for new cars is 6.25 %. Not sure what it is in Atlanta. If its lower do it there. If its higher do it in Texas. You will pay the the sales tax either way when you register. Might be better to put it all in the loan if you get a good interest rate.
Also remember that your trade-in will be deducted from your purchase price of the new Ridgeline in Texas. That means you will only be paying 6.25% on the remaining balance. 30K ridge minus 10K trade-in = 20K truck x 6.26% = your taxes owed.
Also I would consider getting your best price from Bankston and then going to Eagle Honda in Dallas and see if they can beat it. I would say they would be the better place to buy from but you are moving to Atlanta and its Eagle Honda's service that I am impressed with more then anything.
Big word of warning. David McDavid Honda....please do not go there. Any Honda dealer that tells you that they are selling you the extended warranty for your Honda at a great price, but then you find out later that it is not a HONDA WARRANTY! I was so pissed off. I did not even find out until a year later. That is just plain wrong.
Good luck

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