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Unless you change out speakers (doors or sub) I don't see how you would experience a difference in bass you can appreciate with just a head unit change.
You may get a somewhat cleaner sound.
You could forgo the sub entirely and put in more bass capable door speakers. But without sufficient damping material that could lead to more artifacts as well.
A new HU would take care of your 'lighting' issue, give you skosh more power and more features like interface with bluetooth, and a smartphone, etc.
But only a 'good' sub is going to get you close to what you are seeking.
There are options there like a powered sub that work even with your stock unit, being the most cost-effective. Bazooka being the first that comes to mind. Not an audiophile's sub but certainly a level above the stock one.
Pumping more power into the stock sub might give you some boost, but the quality of tone will not be changed much IMO.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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