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I too wondered about this before replacing my HU....the answer is yes, go for it! Here's how I went about it. My stock HU was working so first thing I did was replace the front tweeters with Cadence 1" models as outlined in the pimp your sound system thread. Super simple install, and the cost was under 30 bucks. This immediately brought the bass and overall sound to a new level. Moving on, I used a Jensen VX3022 touchscreen unit. Now to keep the stock subwoofer, you have to add an amp. I did, tried it, and noted the response. Next I wired the HU without any amp or subwoofer and just used the loud setting. Amazing sound and good thump with the stock speakers and new tweeters! This should answer your question.
My final set up ended up using an 2 channel amp to power the rear door speakers which I replaced with larger Cadence 2 ways and no subwoofer.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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