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audio/navigation screen power cycle

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Hello to all,

I apologize if this question has already been answer and it may be due to the words used in the search.

2017 Ridgeline RTL-T

The audio/navigation screen is in a power cycle loop. Upon power up, the splash screen is displayed. When it completes, it starts over again and again. I attempted to hold down the power button as well as others but the system is not responding.

This happen during a phone call. Initially, hands free then to phone.

I did read another thread regarding doing a factory reset. However, I am not able reach that setting.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanking suggestions in advance.
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Issue update:

The tech at the dealer could not resolve the issue by resetting the unit several times. They had to wait for the Honda tech line to open since it is located on the west coast. Issue was still not resolved with the assistance from the Honda tech line. As a result, a replacement will be sent. According to the service advisor, they changed out the display and tested the complete system for functionality. Supposedly, the parts are being sent back for failure analysis since this is the first case that Honda has encountered.

If anyone should encounter a similar issue, be sure to call dealer and explain problem so that a tech is available to handle this issue. It will save one less trip to dealer.

I have had this problem several times--It seems to always fix itself after a few restarts--when it happen it is very annoying
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