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It's a brand new truck, it will get better, but 15 is low, even doing 70 to 80, unless it's all uphill.
From my experience, I can get better MPGs than Econ mode, so I never use it. Don't jam on the gas and wind it out, let the gears shift up, I try to keep it around 2000 rmp, cruising at 75 mph. Obviously it will go higher when getting up to speed, but gradually.
Prestarting puts a dent into your gas milage also, whether it's to cool it down or heat it up in the winter.
And, don't be one of those drivers that think you should be on the gas or stomping on the breaks at all times, nothing wrong with coasting.
The point is, everyone's driving habits are different, so hard to say for sure, but you should be doing better.
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