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I saw a convincing story about the need for this dreadful problem to be rectified on CNN today. It makes so glad that I got the backup camera.

Press Release Source: Al & Ed's Autosound

With ''Backover'' Accidents on the Rise, a New Program, ''Back-up to School Safely,'' Offers Tips and Technology to Keep Los Angeles Children Safe
Monday August 29, 11:00 am ET

VAN NUYS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 29, 2005--Al & Ed's Autosound:
Southland Fixture Al & Ed's Autosound To Team Up With Cadbury
Schweppes And Ralphs Grocery Company To Hold 10 Community Events
Showcasing New Technology And Offering Shoppers A Chance To Win One Of
50 Rearview Back-Up Safety Systems
In response to the increasing number of school-aged children injured and killed each year due to "backover" car accidents, mobile electronics leader Al & Ed's Autosound, in conjunction with Cadbury Schweppes, Ralphs Grocery Company and local Police officials, will present a series of safety demonstrations throughout the Southland during the back-to-school month of September. The initiative, titled "Back-up to School Safely" will offer safety tips, "rearview" technology demonstrations and a special "Swipe-stakes," giving Ralphs customers the opportunity to win one of 50 Al & Ed's Autosound Rearview Back-Up Safety Systems, when they use their Ralphs Club Card to purchase a Cadbury Schweppes 7-UP product.

"Backover" accidents injure or kill over 2,500 children each year with over 60% of these incidents involving an immediate family member, according to the national non-profit organization Kids and Cars. Moreover, 55 children have been killed so far this year due to these types of preventable accidents, and the figure is undoubtedly much higher, as there is no federal or state agency collecting information on injuries and deaths that occur as non-traffic incidents on private property.

From August 24th through September 27, 2005, customers using their Ralphs Club Card to purchase selected 7-UP products will be automatically entered into the "Back-up to School Safely" "Swipe-stakes," where 50 randomly selected winners will receive an Al & Ed's Autosound Rearview Back-Up Safety System with free installation. The safety package includes a small video camera inconspicuously mounted on the rear end of the vehicle and a high-resolution monitor that provides visual clarity and a wide field of vision, day or night.

In addition, customers can redeem 10% off their next purchase at all Southern California Al & Ed's Autosound locations with certificates available at 7-UP products displays or by showing their Ralphs Club Card.

"As a parent that drives an SUV, I have always insisted that my wife and I have Rearview Back-Up Safety Systems to keep our children safe with the greatest rear view possible," says Gabi Mashal, President of Al & Ed's Autosound. "At Al & Ed's Autosound, we're thrilled to work with Ralphs and 7-UP on 'Back-up to School Safely,' knowing that fifty families will be safer due to the video safety systems we are providing and that we can help bring greater awareness to Los Angeles drivers and parents."

Respected magazine Consumer Reports now lists "Blind Zones," the area behind a vehicle that a person can't see from the driver's seat, in all new car reviews and recent technology such as wide-angle lens video cameras and ultrasonic sonar sensing devices are quickly becoming standard features in many new cars and trucks. These safety breakthroughs have proven to be highly effective and to date, there has yet to be a reported back-up fatality involving a vehicle equipped with these devices.

With the increased popularity of high-profile vehicles such as SUVs, back-up accidents are on the rise and various lobbying groups and organizations are appealing the government for new safety legislation while continuing to raise public awareness.
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