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Back to the RL with an 07 RTX

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About 1.5 years ago I mistakenly sold off my ridgeline. Corrected that mistake this past Wednesday and picked up a nicely used 2007 RTX with 72k miles.

First plans are to sell/trade off the OEM running boards, get a full grill guard and get a 2" lift kit to a get a little more ground clearance on the rocky Arizona forest roads when out hunting.


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You're not the only one who's sold & bought again. I've seen it a few times on here. Which is one of the reasons I continue to hold on to my RL. Even with it close to 250K miles on it.
Welcome back! I just my first one this past Saturday and love it so far!
Welcome back!
Welcome Back to the ROC, Enjoy the Ride!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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