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Back up camera and navigational system

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Hey all,
I'm attempting to install an in-dash navigational system and a back up camera to connect to the screen. I have an 07. Any suggestions?
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any specs? of the system you want to install? are you wanting the camera to come on when you put the truck in R? Or are you just going to always have it on so you can flip to it at any time while you drive? What kind of Camera is it?
I currently haven't bought anything. I was looking at this for the nav-
And this for the camera-

I'd like it to turn on when its in R if possible.

On a side note, I'm also wondering if I could buy an add-on for the lights too automatically turn on for night driving?
I've done a system with a Kenwood DNX890 and a Sony camera. The time consuming part is camera install and running wires to front. Basically an RCA video cable and single reverse wire tapped into reverse light. Pretty much plug and play.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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