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Backup Camera installation cost?

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Hey all, Just trying to guage what a good price may be for installation on the backup camera. Best I have found here in CT so far, is $504, and I may get an additional 15% off of that. I found the OEM Honda camera/parts online for $329, but I am in the process of seeing if the dealer doing the install can match that. What did you pay for the part and installation?
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Installation for the rear-view camera is complex and lengthy.... I'd say $504 is worth it. That's about what I paid (but I had a bunch of options done at the same time, don't know the break-down off the top of my head).

Of course, this is just my opinion. ;)
If you shop around dealers, you should be able to get one that will match on-line prices for accessories, assuming you're spending more than a few bucks. It's probably best if you propose this prior to buying the car, but in fact, I got my accessories from a local dealer (matches on-line price), while I traveled about 70 miles for the vehicles themselves (got the Ridge & an S2000). The local dealer didn't blink, but I was buying a lot of gear. Saved a bunch on shipping, I guess. Otherwise I would have bought on line . . . just more convenient from the dealer . . especially if something fails. Good Luck with the camera. I've got the parts in my garage, waiting for a long weekend to do the deed.
Check here:

Check RTL44 post' - mentioned some pricing.

Also search the Mod's Insatallation's and How-to's and/or Mobile Electronic's threads for good info also.

Where did you get the Camera for that price?


Here is the link to that price:

Also, that thread refers to the aftermarket plate camera, not the Honda OEM one .....
It's bid as a 10 hour job and we paid full price: $800 for labor. If you can get it for $500, jump on it. Just take a look at all that has to be torn out to install it and you will be glad to pay someone else to do it.
I paid about $650.00 for mine. That was with the Platecam and a 5" color monitor.
The dealer quoted me 7 hrs. @ $70/hr up here in Canada. I installed it myself in about 9 hours and would never want to do it again. It's quite a job but worth every single penny!

I mounted my camera over the tailgate handle as it seemed the best place to mount it w/o touching it whenever opening/closing the gate.

Now if only I can get the damn thing to work w/o having to put it into reverse. Come on, there must be some electronic geeks out there who can find a fix to this dilemna!
Mine was aftermarket, but I preferred that - even if the Honda cam was the same price. I hate that goiter looking protuberance! Anyway, we have a few really nice custom shops in Columbus, and my Dad and I had cameras installed in each of our RL's. The cost per vehicle was $450 + tax. That included everything - the camera, the harness, and the labor. VERY nice high quality color picture, too!
Any chance you can post a photo of your setup? What brand was it?
Did mine with a mechanic at the Honda Dealer (after hours). Paid him $200.00 and it took us about 2-2 1/2hrs. We did not see the need to remove the bumper and we "centered the camera"-directly below the tailgate (perfect and centered view of hitch ball) handle rather than off to the side.

(This is possible if you can find a mechanic at preferably Honda or Acura who is interested in "side work")
brian1972ct said:
Any chance you can post a photo of your setup? What brand was it?

I am getting bluetooth integration installed next tuesday from the same place that did the cam, so I'll ask them what brand it is when I take it in.

I will take some pix soon. I was waiting until my mods were all done, but I just found out that the wheels I want won't be available until February, so maybe this weekend...

So far: Rearview cam, bug/air deflector, front windows tinted to match the rear, blacked out my grille, bluetooth on Tuesday, and the following wheels (in Feb?)


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Any pics of it installed Jason?
The only reason I like the Honda camera, is that it ties right into my Nav (as you all know). Adding another LCD screen just would take up more space.....
brian1972ct said:
The only reason I like the Honda camera, is that it ties right into my Nav (as you all know). Adding another LCD screen just would take up more space.....

The one I got is integrated into the nav. I wouldn't have done it otherwise. It was $450 which included the camera harness ands labor - EVERYTHING.

So besides the brand RTL44 isnt sure of, anyone else know of another backup camera that can run through the Nav unit?
so RTL44 what shop in columbus did your install, I am close to there. I would like to contact the shop before i buy, or god help me buy the OEM Camera.
Bought the camera for 359 bucks. Took me and a buddy about 4 hours to install (also took several brews). We skipped removing the roof trim and dropping the rear bumper. There is nothing really technical involved-just removing screws and trim. I thought the toy was worth the 359 bucks but do not know if I would pay 400 or more for an install.
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