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Bad ECM relay?

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Been a while since my last visit to the forum. I have recently started experiencing some electrical issues. The 1st was a bad A/C compressor relay. It started to stick open intermittently. Shortly thereafter, my rpm and speedometer needles started "chattering" after I turned the key off. Today My motor suddenly shut down, all my dash lights came on for a second, then my motor regained power and I didn't have any more problems the rest of the day. I have learned that it may be a faulty ECM relay, which I am going to change. Problem is, I am not sure where or which one it is. If this doesn't correct the problem, it it possible to have a faulty battery or alternator? I checked my voltage at the battery terminals at idle and read 13.8 volts. Thanks for any help.
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More importantly, what's the voltage with the vehicle off, and better yet after it's been off for a while.

AC relay is a known issue, I believe Honda upgraded it with a better relay a few years later.

I've read about the speedo/tach issue, but the flashing dash lights, I have experienced and it was a battery with a dead cell, amazingly it could still start, but the rest of the electric items were all over the place, and as I have thought back, the first issue I experienced was the driver side window "AUTO DOWN" failed multiple times prior to the dash lights issue.

From personal experience eliminate the battery as a possible issue.
Yes to the above. Check your batteries voltage after it has sat overnight (better yet 12hrs). Prior to the overnight test, make sure you drive a reasonably long distance and that you are seeing charging voltages (13.8 at idle is good) when the engine is running. Even better would be to put a known working battery charger on it. After sitting overnight your voltage should ideally have leveled off to around 12.7 to 12.8 volts. 12.5 or lower means your battery is weak.
Ok , I will check the battery out. I would still like to know where the ECM elay is. Is there a link to a manual indicting where all the relays are. The owners manual only shows the fuse information.
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