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Just installed this on my Ridgeline today and I'm impressed. The tolerances are precise, everything fits as if it were factory-installed (who knows, maybe better?) and the cover itself is solid. Installation was as simple as is promised - it took me 30 minutes only because I'm a mechanical dimwit and had to puzzle things out longer than a quick monkey might take. The manufacturer says installation should take ten minutes for someone who's installed one before and up to thirty minutes for first-timers. Budget a half hour and you'll almost certainly have time for a cup of coffee to celebrate an early completion.
I would caution new owners on this one point: Honda uses two different-sized "Torx" bolts to fasten the rails and you will need a #40 and a #50 to remove them. The manufacturer tells you this but if, like me, you've never heard of a torx bolt, you may have difficulty locating a torx driver. The clerk at Home Depot had no more idea what one looked like than I did and was disinclined to end his personal phone call to help me look. I solved the problem by calling a builder/buddy and he not only knew what they are, he had a set of them - problem solved. (turns out they're just glorified allen wrenches, but you really can't do this without one - two, actually). Once those bolts are removed - just two on each side rail, it's a matter of a few minutes to pop the Bak rails on and snap the cover in place. So easy even a lawyer can do it.

But again, it's the quality of this product that's so impressive. Fine fit, great strength and even good looking. Shipping was swift - they promised (Amazon promised, I guess) delivery in 6-8 days and it arrived in four - would have been earlier if a weekend hadn't intervened between ordering on Friday and receiving the shipment on Monday. Someone at quality control even made certain that every required bolt, screw and nut was included - it does set me off when a shipper omits a necessary part.

So I recommend this product and its manufacturer in the strongest possible terms - just get hold of those g.d torx thingies before you begin.
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