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Base Radio Check

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Good afternoon, I have the RTL which does not have the larger touch screen head unit.

I have been trying to change the wallpaper on the base unit with no success. There is an option for "clock" and you can upload your own photo. I was able to save a photo from a USB drive, but when I try to select it. Select does not respond. Select also fails to respond when trying to select the preloaded clock option.

Not a big deal for me, just something I was playing with. I spent some time going over the instructions and believe I am doing it correctly.

There was another poster who asked a question similar to this, but the poster did not respond back and I'm not sure if it was the same issue.

If you have a base head unit in your truck, would mind seeing if you can actually select a different wallpaper successfully?

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I'm just a gen 1'er, but if you're sure you're doing everything correctly, could it be the file format or too high of resolution on the image?
Don't know if you have access to the full OM, but page 208 focuses on wallpaper, here's some notes:

1Wallpaper Setup

• When importing wallpaper files, the image must be
in the USB flash drive’s root directory. Images in a
folder cannot be imported.
• The file name must be fewer than 64 characters.
• The file format of the image that can be imported
is BMP (bmp) or JPEG (jpg).
• The individual file size limit is 2 MB.
• The maximum image size is 1,920 x 936 pixels. If
the image size is less than 480 × 234 pixels, the
image is displayed in the middle of the screen with
the extra area appearing in black.
• Up to 255 files can be selected.
• If the USB flash drive does not have any pictures,
the No compatible images were found. See
Owner’s Manual.
message appears.

Here's a link to the RLII OM:
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Thanks, I have the instructions and the file is a JPEG and sized less than 1,920 X 936 and smaller than 2MB. I have the image saved to the truck from the USB drive. It just will not select to be displayed as wallpaper.
@rxitrxit I had a similar issue this morning and was able to get the base radio in an RTL to display the built in clock wallpaper. I had to select the clock wallpaper, then select wallpaper under display options, then push the day/night mode button and it displayed the wallpaper. I'm going to try some other wallpapers that I downloaded tonight.

Link to the thread I started with my issue:

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I tested out about 15 different wallpapers today. Got them all to display without issue. Decided on the one below. Started as 1920x1080, final resolution after resizing was 1365x768. Fills up the entire screen pretty well, which a lot of others that I resized didn't.

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