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Battery booster/jump starter pack

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Any of you guys use one of these or recommend a particular size? Battery booster
This is the list from Autozone, but Sam's had a combo 450amp booster and inflator for $49.99. I've got some good 4 guage jumper cables that I usually keep in the Ridgeline, but I was wondering if one of these gizmos would be a good thing to have and what power I might need.

Would a 450 amp fire up the Ridgeline if the battery went out? I think our battery is rated 600 or 700 amps, isn't it?
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I have been using the Black and Decker Electromate 400 for many years at the ranch and love it. Air up ATV tires, jump start dead batteries in vehicles and ATV's and power a/c items (TV, lights, water transfer pump etc). I charge it once a month or after heavy use and it stays in the Ridgelines trunk year round.
I finally had to replace my Black & Decker Powermate 400 the other day.
I went with a unit from Northern Tools that has all the bells and whistles (air compressor, 400 Watt A/C converter, DC power, USB port and jump starter)

I use the heck out of these at the ranch jumping ATV's, filling flats away from electricity, powering a water pump to fill tanks, running lights etc.

The selling point on this unit is you can replace the battery instead of having to buy a whole new unit. Cost was $119. They have them on sale now for $99 and there is a coupon for $20 off on a $100 purchase.
I've never been tempted to join an auto club. I guess I never saw the benefit.

Randy, you should post up a link to that NT jumpstarter. I'm thinking it's this one:

I like the USB port.
Thats exactly the one I got. The USB port is great to charge a phone with!. These things are so useful. We even use them to run a series of fluorescent low watt bulbs around the tables at camp when we don't need to run a generator. Another guy uses his to run his CPAP machine during power outages at home. I have also used mine to run a fan occasionally and it works great to power a small TV at football tailgating parties at Baylor football game. (Shameless plug for my Bears!):act024:
what is the promo code for 20 off, if you know ?
The coupon came in the mail with their sale flyer and I tossed it. If you have a store near you, they may offer you the deal if you ask for it. I have done that at my local store and the Mgr always has spare coupons available.
Of course, I have spent a ton on generators with him also.........
One other tidbit on this one, you can add a bigger/stronger battery if you wish.
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