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Battery booster/jump starter pack

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Any of you guys use one of these or recommend a particular size? Battery booster
This is the list from Autozone, but Sam's had a combo 450amp booster and inflator for $49.99. I've got some good 4 guage jumper cables that I usually keep in the Ridgeline, but I was wondering if one of these gizmos would be a good thing to have and what power I might need.

Would a 450 amp fire up the Ridgeline if the battery went out? I think our battery is rated 600 or 700 amps, isn't it?
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Jumping into this discussion a bit late, how does this one compare to the Home Depot, Stanley, or other option:

Or this one:

... while researching this, I've decided to get the JNC660.
I don't think so, for two reasons:
1) the product is unavailable
2) it requires another battery (vehicle) in order to use it

Otherwise, it is a pretty cool product. ;)

Edit: why would it say it doesn't fit my 2008 Honda Ridgeline? That is strange.
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Mine should be delivered tomorrow. Within the past 3 days, I could have used it twice. Now I probably won't need it for a loooooooong time. ;)

Edit: good to know Slider. I might get one of those to put in my wife's car. The only thing I don't like about it is that it uses an external charger... just something else for me to keep or with.. (or lose). ;)
REconsidering what to put in my wife's car. I'm thinking it might be wise to consider a model that advises of reversed cables. The Clore models do not seem to offer that option. I'd rather keep it simple for her in case she doesn't have any knowledgeable help so she can safely charge her own or help someone start their vehicle.

What would be a good option here? I don't much care for one with all the bells and whistles (air compressor, etc.) Just a solid performer that provides goof-proof connectivity and includes a sealed battery... so the Michelin jumper cables would be out.
My wife (nurse) and 16 yr old both have them and have used them. What's the problem with reverse cables? And I charge ours once a year in October. Mine still had 3 bars in October from the previous October. These things are awesome.
The JNC series are always live and no warning if the cables get reversed. I'd like to take out that complicating element. It *shouldn't* be a problem. But still, I'd rather have my wife (also a nurse) not have to deal with that detail if there is another option that will let her just hook it up and fire up without worry about cable connections being correct.

If I don't turn up another viable option, I may spring for this one anyway.
Stopped by Costco today and picked up one of those PSX2 powerstations for $70. It has reverse polarity detection and has a switch so the leads aren't continuously live. Also has a 1000 amp peak/400 amp starting spec. Not bad. Also includes the AC charger cable too, which is nice.

It's bulkier than my JCN660 (which also came today). In some ways I kinda wish I'd got the JNC300XL instead of the Powerstation.. it seems more compact and is lighter weight than the Costco powerstation. The JNC300XL doesn't include the air compressor either, which I didn't really care for on the Powerstation. Ah well, trade-offs.
The Coscto unit is kind of a chunky monkey compared to what you have. Wish the JNC came with polarity checking and provided the ability to switch the leads on/off.
I've never been tempted to join an auto club. I guess I never saw the benefit.

Randy, you should post up a link to that NT jumpstarter. I'm thinking it's this one:

I like the USB port.
Best case, I only use it to help out others.
My thoughts exactly. ;) And in so doing, also protect the computer-tronics in both vehicles.

I do like that USB port the Stanley has. Ah well. The Costco unit is in the wife's Pilot and the JNC660 is in the RL's trunk.
If you're looking for a more industrial jump starter, without all the bells and whistles, Amazon has a Clore unit coming up on a lightening deal at 7:59 am PST (10:59 EST) this morning. Other than the jumper, it has a 12v socket, that's it.

Don't know what it will cost on Amazon is $134.41, so likely to be around $99 or so. Sears sells the same unit for $237.11.

If you read the reviews, this thing is the real deal for a no frills performer. Appears that several AAA clubs use this as well as another reviewer who owns a car lot, so I'd expect industrial strength.
I considered that one Nuke83. The thing I didn't like about it was that it has a wall charger, not an internal charger... which is just something else to keep up with. It also has only LED battery indicators and I prefer the gauge. Otherwise, it seems very close to the JNC660 specs.

I wish Clore would update their products to include a USB port as well as polarity indicators and an on/off switch for the leads.
I see NAPA has their version of the JNC300XL for $40:
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Good catch. I thought they were the same.
The danger is a battery explosion caused by the hydrogen gas generated by the battery igniting from the spark generated when you connect the lead.

If I don't have a reasonable place to put the negative lead, I just connect to the battery's negative terminal.
henni said:
I thought this unit had intelligence built-in so that it could NOT be overcharged ?
That is correct. The JNC660 was changed in May 2010 to include smart charging by 120v AC current.

I believe you are mis-reading the instructions. For JNC4000 and OLDER JNC660 (without autocharging), you have to monitor the charge cycle. Same if you use the included 12v adapter.

But the newer JNC660 (post May 2010 dom) have auto charging and cannot be overcharged via 120v AC current.

It is not worded very well, imo. I think they need to rework that section of the OM.
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If the green LED is on, 13.4 is probably tops. I left mine on the charger for 24 hours when I first got it, but it didn't need it. You can leave it on the AC charger indefinitely.
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