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Battery booster/jump starter pack

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Any of you guys use one of these or recommend a particular size? Battery booster
This is the list from Autozone, but Sam's had a combo 450amp booster and inflator for $49.99. I've got some good 4 guage jumper cables that I usually keep in the Ridgeline, but I was wondering if one of these gizmos would be a good thing to have and what power I might need.

Would a 450 amp fire up the Ridgeline if the battery went out? I think our battery is rated 600 or 700 amps, isn't it?
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I have the orginal one you saw at Sams (Stanley w/inflator)and it works great!!! I was in Sams today and saw the one you are talking about. It is a lot more streamlined and it too being a Stanley feel that it will work great. I tried one on the cheap ones at Wallmart and it was not good. I love having one of these in the trunk and it is like an insurance plan, you know how good it is when you need it!:act035:
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